Tuesday, 2.7.2013 (14:00 – 15:00), Room P1A (AA0P1)
Wednesday, 3.7.2013 (15:30 – 17:00), Room P1A (AA0P1)

1. Inquiry based science education
"Studying Science With Milk Candy Making" (#31)
William Stebniki
How Atmospheric Pressure Can Lift an Adult- Hands-on Experiments by Using Syringe-System (#35)
Chien-Ho Chou and Maysun Yang
Investigating properties of light in the frame of lower and upper secondary education (#60)
Martin Hruška, Jana Raganová, and Stanislav Holec
School physics experiments from the field of nuclear physics (#89)
Peter Žilavý
Science On Stage Europe (#96)
David Featonby
Science with sensors in primary schools (#148abs)
Ewa Kedzierska and Ton Ellermeijer
2. Pre-service and in-service science teacher training
A Study of the Influence of Science Magic Instructions for Pre-service Science Teachers Concept Understanding (#30)
Shieh Fu Yi and Lin Jen Chin
3. Popularization of science in society
A couple of physics teaching ideas (#99)
Ludmila Onderova and Jozef Ondera
Inquiry activities in Steel park (#161)
Mária Nováková and Marián Kireš
Aqua Science-Testing Water Quality (#200)
Nilgün Erentay