Košice Children’s Historical Railway (or the Children’s Railway in short) is a single-track 4.2-kilometres long narrow-gauge railway located in the Čermeľ valley in the close neighbourhoods of the city of Košice. Built in 1955, the original purpose of the railway was to educate and train children so that they can make themselves familiar with operation of a real railway and the work of real railwaymen. Nowadays, the main purpose of the railway is to transport its passengers (both big and small ones) to the Alpinka recreation area where one can find a children’s playground, a restaurant and a nine-hole golf course. However, the original purpose of the railway has recently been revived, too, and on certain days (usually Saturdays and Sundays) you can still meet children in the roles of conductors, dispatchers and other railway personnel there.
The biggest attraction of the Children’s Railway is its steam-engine locomotive named “Katka” (“Katie”) – built in 1884 in Erfurt in Germany – which is the oldest still operational steam engine in Slovakia. The steam-engine locomotive as well as the carriages used at the Children’s Railway have been added to the Central register of cultural historic sights of the Slovak Republic.

Days of operation:

The regular season at the Children’s Railway usually starts at the beginning of May and lasts until the beginning of November. The usual days of operation in July are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and there are usually five trains per day, the first one leaving Čermeľ station (the departure point) at about 9 AM and the last one at about 5 PM (since the final timetable for the 2013 season is not yet available it is not possible to state the exact times). One-way journey from Čermeľ to Alpinka takes some 15 minutes.
If possible, it is advisable to come to see the railway on a Saturday or a Sunday because on these days the trains are usually driven by the steam-engine locomotive (whereas on weekdays diesel-engine locomotives are often used instead).


One-way ticket (from Čermeľ to Alpinka) for an adult: 2 EUR
Return ticket (from Čermeľ to Alpinka and back) for an adult: 2.90 EUR
(please note that the above prices were charged in the previous season and the 2013 prices might be higher)


Čermeľské údolie, 040 01 Košice
(GPS data: Čermeľ station: N 48°45.00 / E 21°13.65, Alpinka station: N 48°45.59 / E 21°11.00)

Contact details & Links:

E-mail: kezeleznica@gmail.com
Phone: +421 905 496 426
http://www.detskazeleznica.sk/ (the official website of the railway)
http://www.facebook.com/detskazeleznica/ (the official Facebook fan-page)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHxW-U0r2Tk (a video clip from the Children’s railway)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnC2KfKHHmk (a video clip from the Children’s railway)