When submitting a proposal for one of the categories (oral, poster, workshop, symposium, hands on experiments demonstration) we expect an abstract of up to 500 words of plain text in English (not longer than 1 page) that clearly describes the contribution and its content. Your abstract should be complemented with appropriate key words. 

Please note that in case of a symposium we expect individual abstracts for each of the presentation as well as an abstract for the symposium as a whole. 
Please, also note, that every contribution (for each of the categories) can be submitted as a paper to be presented in the conference proceedings.


The original author’s contribution with relation to one selected conference topic in the following duration: 
  • Plenary presentation - 30 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for discussion,
  • Section presentation - 15 minutes presentation + 5minutes for discussion, 


Posters will display the presentation materials printed on an A0 size paper to the conference participants during the whole conference period with the specific time dedicated to detailed presentation during the poster session. 


Practical training for a group of maximum 20 participants aimed at hands on activities, presenting e.g. good practices from the classroom such like techniques/methods of teaching/learning, educational software/hardware, all kinds of experiments (interactive demonstrations, low cost, computer-aided, ...), etc. Duration of the workshop is 90 minutes. 

Symposium (group discussion)

A collection of related papers that examine a topic more broadly and deeply from various points of view.  One person (chairperson) submits the abstract for the symposium as a whole, where he indicates the individual presentation titles. Each symposium contribution is submmited as an individual presentation. Duration of the symposium led by a chairperson is 90 minutes, where 4-5 contributions are included. 

Hands on experiments demonstration (Science Fair)

Science fair is a live space to present interactive demonstrations, students´ science projects, set of simple experiments for the science promotion and motivation towards science and any kind of science fair experiments. For each of the accepted contribution there will be a stand (min. 0,7 m x 1,4m + A0 size presentation panel) provided. The total duration of the Science fair is 180 min. 

For all types of presentation the same default format of paper should be used.